Janie & Blayne: Wedding Highlights – Same Day Edit

Please contact me if you would like to watch Janie and Blayne’s Same Day Edit.

Several weeks ago, my friend Toan asked me if I had time to help him film a wedding on June 5th.  My voracious appetite for filming anything coupled with my relatively few wedding films under my belt meant that I heartily agreed to help him.  A few days before the wedding, he informed me that we would also be utilizing a popular video technique titled the “Same Day Edit” (Or, SDE as all the cool wedding videographers are calling them these days).

The Same Day Edit essentially consists of filming the pre-ceremony and ceremony events and then editing them into a small masterpiece that will be presented to the wedding guests at the reception.  It is a high stress maneuver that, if completely properly, is a great success.

This is our Same Day Edit.  Toan and I filmed, and Toan edited the video.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you’re looking for a video like this or possibly having your entire wedding filmed (Like I filmed my friends Caitlyn and Wyatt’s wedding), please do not hesitate to contact me.

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