I Remember // Promo Video For Texas A&M University Dining

How will you remember your life at Texas A&M University?  This is the question posed to students at Fish Camp in this video I made for Texas A&M University Dining.  Back in 2009 I was asked to make a promo video for Aggie Dining that resulted in a short film titled “Buy a Meal Plan, Fall in Love.”  Since then, I have made many more videos for other groups and organizations at A&M including Impact and the Division of Marketing and Communication.  Part of me always wanted to make another video for Aggie Dining and last January I was asked to create an updated video to show freshmen at Fish Camp.

After working through many ideas, my friend Scuba and I chose to make something that would inspire and resonate with all freshmen.  The excitement mixed with uncertainty that comes with being a freshman is the perfect catalyst for an exciting video that offers a look at the future that awaits.  By linking this excitement with Dining Services I hoped to create a connection between making memories with friends and eating on campus.  I really wanted the freshmen to see themselves in this video, so everything was filmed in first person with a GoPro HD Hero 2 Helmet Camera.  This camera is awesome and made for great quality throughout the video.  My friend Taylor wore it for most of the video and I wore it for some of the individual shots.  All of the group shots were filmed around campus over four hours, while other shots such as the dorm room scene and Sbisa date were filmed several days after.  University Dining was very accommodating and the helpful employees offered free food and smiles in the video.

Because I filmed the promo video for Fish Camp I had the chance to watch the premiere of the University Dining video to the 5,000 freshmen that attended Fish Camp.  It was very well received and many freshmen thought it had a great story.  It is my hope that they remember this story over their next four years (or five!) at Texas A&M and make memories of their own while eating on campus.

Big thanks to: Taylor Stanley, Bethany Debayle, Sam Paik, Seth Mcknight, Jennifer Bates, Ricardo De La Garza, Christine Lee, Andy Cronk, and Philip Barrington.

Music by Tony Anderson

Interested in having me film a promo video for your organization?  Please contact me!

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