Intimacy 2012 // Promo Video

I’m telling you, God keeps providing work!  I’ve always been a fan of worship nights and conferences such as Masterpiece and Intimacy in College Station, even though they’re for girls only.  It is incredibly encouraging that girls in town are seeking Christ like that.  I still remember the first Intimacy promo video I saw that was created by Daniel Karr.  It was amazingly creative and I wished I could make something like that.  Fast forward two years later and I was asked to create the promo!  

The entire concept was based on chapter 66 in the book of Psalms.  We would have four girls speaking the words while creating works of art that represent the verses.   The end result would be four canvases that said “Come And See What God has Done” (big thanks to Amy Marks for the idea for that!).  It would have the end result of both quoting scripture and asking girls to come to Intimacy.  My friends – Taylor and Chris, and I filmed the entire promo video over the course of four hours and it ended up looking great.  Over 500 people saw the video in the weeks leading up to the event.  I hope to make more videos for Masterpiece and Intimacy in the future!

Would you like a promo video made for you or your organization?  Please contact me.


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