An Impact Wedding // Taylor and Andrea // The Branch Church, Dallas Texas

Taylor and AndreaWhere to begin with Taylor and Andrea?  I’ve known the two of them since way back in 2009 when we first started serving on Impact Retreat’s Executive staff.  Taylor was in charge of publicity, and Andrea administration for Impact Retreat 2010.  Then in 2011, they both went on to be director’s of the retreat.  Throughout all of this, I was involved in Impact in various ways so I had a chance to watch their friendship and connection grow.

The beauty of serving in a volunteer position like at Impact is that you really get to know the hearts of other people in the organization.  There is often a lot of pressure from the need to be incredibly organized, focused, and driven.  The ability to pull it all off comes from God, and I fully believe that only God’s hand makes Impact Retreat happen at all.  With that understanding, it really didn’t come to me as a surprise when Andrea told me that her and Taylor were dating.  They worked so hard as directors and spent so much time together that they were already good friends.  Fast forward a few months and they both knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

I love filming weddings like this where I know the couple so well, and can anticipate how they will act and what they will say.  I knew their entire story which made it easy to tell it in their wedding film.  I don’t expect every wedding I film to be best friends with the bride and groom, but I do hope to know them well enough to know how they got to where they are, and where they are going.  So, if you hire me to film your wedding, expect to answer a lot of questions and tell me a lot of stories. Because that is how we get to know each other, and how I will tell your story through your wedding film.

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