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I think it’s obvious from the amount of videos that I have made for Impact Retreat over the years that I love this organization.  With my graduation last December, I thought I would be done filming videos for Impact, but many of my friends in the organization asked me to come back and film one more video.  When I made last years video, I tried a lot of new things – from filming with a Steadicam to using Twixtor for extreme slow motion.  I honestly prayed for an idea for this video for two months and until three days before filming I had intended on doing a version 2.0 (of sorts) of last years video, complete with a slamming dubstep track and a cameo by my friend Big T.  That all changed when I was watching a video by Sacha Powell called “Slow It Down.”  I was sitting in my room late at night and after re-watching the video a few times I had a vision of a combination of battle scenes from Braveheart coupled with a The Battle of Helm’s Deep from Lord of The Rings.  There’s something so inspiring about a battle charge to epic music and it can really serve to inspire.  I could think of no better way to inspire the approximately 500 counselors, prayer team-ers, and co-chairs of Impact Retreat than show their executive staff “leading the charge.”

Once I had the basic idea, it all really came down to location.  Someplace simple was needed, where we wouldn’t be arrested for filming.  I’ve had my eye on a hill out by the George Bush Library for some time now, and after checking it out the day before, I had everyone meet there in the afternoon.  Filming took approximately two hours and consisted mainly of telling everyone to run down a hill over and over.  What’s funny is that although I told everyone there wouldn’t be any audio of them used in the video, they yelled every time they charged.  I’m planning on uploading a blooper reel soon of funny clips recorded while filming.

On my last day of editing, having still not come up with a title and just beginning work on the text in After Effects, I remembered a discussion I had with the Impact 2010 director, Michael Elliott.  He would joke about how Impact was always called a “retreat” and one day we should have an Impact “Attack” instead.  The idea stuck with me for years and I’m glad I was finally able to make that joke a reality.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Philip Barrington of React Productions for his help in filming.
:: Blooper Reel ::

:: Behind The Scenes Timelapse :: Watch how many times I made exec run down the hill!






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