I Do Not Walk This Path Alone :: Impact 2011 Promo Video

Day and night I’ve been walking here
Complacently reciting clichéd  prayer
And I find myself caught unaware
Lord I beg, just take me there
Away from here on this beggar’s throne
And into your arms oh how I groan
But in this valley, still, I know,
I do not walk this path alone.

Like a sheep I tend to stray
When darkened valleys come my way
I stand on rock instead of sand
For no one can snatch me from your hand
You gave me not a spirit of fear
And in this desert, I can hear
A still small voice that’s growing loud,
I hit my knees and humbly bow
To worship you
With all of me
You’ve broke my chains and set me free
How great the love you’ve surely shown
I do not walk this path alone

Oh praise the one who paid my debt
And raised this life up from the dead
Amazing grace how sweet the sound
I know that I am Heaven bound.
I pray this life become salt and light
I pray this campus you ignite
Reveal your glory for all to see
My Father God, my Savior King
My Rock, my Hope, My Cornerstone,
I do not walk this path alone
And of your praises I will sing
And boldly stand, exalt my king
This seed you gave me I will sow,
To make disciples I will go
And preach your word,
Proclaim your name,
My life exists to bring you fame.
I know I’m saved by grace alone,
Through faith alone
In Christ alone,
To know you Lord and make you known,
I do not walk this path alone.

Written by Brad Russell.  Filmed by Matt Johnson, Emily Kiel, and John Turbeville.  Edited by Matt Johnson.  Created for Impact Retreat at Texas A&M University.

Filmed on location at the Brazos Valley Community Church of God.

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