The History of Impact Retreat // Promo Video

Find GodFor the past six years, I have been involved with a Christian retreat for incoming freshmen to Texas A&M and Blinn called Impact Retreat.  In those years, I counseled freshmen, made a lot of friends, and made some of my most creative videos.  The Impact folder on my computer currently sits at over 500 Gigabytes of video files.  These videos have ranged from short ideas that were filmed and edited in a few hours, to much bigger stories that took months of preparation and editing.  It has been incredibly rewarding to create videos that show what God is doing in the lives of freshmen at Texas A&M through Impact.


Up until this year, I didn’t really know the story of how Impact retreat began.  That all changed when Impact asked me to create a promo video that would show incoming freshmen, their parents, and youth ministers what the purpose of Impact is and why freshmen should attend.  I filmed eight interviews over the course of two months and edited the story of how Impact began, and why it is an amazing retreat for freshmen.  About halfway through editing, I realized that the promo video would work better as two separate videos, one showcasing the history of Impact Retreat, and another explaining more details about the camp.
This video is the history of Impact, as told by the founders and staff involved with the retreat.  Throughout the video is also a story of how one freshman named Jevon had his eternal destiny forever changed by attending the retreat.  I hope you enjoy seeing how Impact was founded.  Expect to see the second half in the coming weeks.

Interested in having me film a promo video for your organization?  Please contact me!

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