Hannah and Steven’s Wedding Highlight Film From Church On The Rock in Beaumont, Texas

Hannah and StevenThe day started extremely humid, think sweating through your shirt at 10am humid. The morning weather was brutal, but wedding days with couples like this are what I dream about. See, the weather in Beaumont is still Texas weather, and by noon it changed its mind, cooled off, and became lovely for a wedding. Oh, and in case you haven’t watched the film above, these two are ridiculously, head over heels in love which always makes for fun filming. Also, Hannah loves the color pink. Heck, I love the color pink! I love bright wedding colors and couples in love!

Now that the obvious things are out of the way, let me tell you some things about Hannah and Steven that are a little less apparent at first glance. They first met in April 2013, but Hannah made the first move when she added Steven on Facebook in August. Taking the initiative from her forwardness, he invited her to go dancing to which of course she said yes.

Since then, they haven’t gone two days without seeing each other; and one year from their first date they were married at The Church On The Rock in Beaumont, Texas. Sound fast? To some it may seem quick, but if you spend 5 minutes with them it becomes obvious they are the perfect fit for one another. And once you spend a bit of time with someone and it becomes clear that they both like the things that you like and you, well it makes marriage a good choice rather quickly.

So Stephen with his hot pink tie, and Hannah with her non-pink dress, found themselves getting hitched by a minister with a passing resemblance to Timothy Dalton; while I found myself filming the nuptials. Did I mention I love filming weddings like this?

Interested in having me film your wedding?  Please contact me!

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