Guadalupe River Chronicles

Few places offer the variety of water entertainment that is available on the Guadalupe River.  Each summer, thousands of vacationing adventurers take the plunge into the river to float right by my house. Not everyone has a normal adventure down the river though.  I began this video series last year with a trailer.  Over the course of last summer, the only footage I was able to obtain was of the high river waters.  Sadly, tubing on the river was closed.  This is a new year with a new summer though; and the lack of rain over the past few months has made the river perfect for tubing.  This video series provides an in depth look into life on the river as well as an insight into the dangers and fun that can be had. I hope you enjoy it!

Only the trailers are currently available.  You can expect to see the first episode of many coming very soon.

Trailer Two