The Greene Been Wedding // Wedding Highlight Film at La Colombe D’or, Houston Texas

Stacey and Patrick are one of those couples that make creating a beautiful wedding film easy.  They both were incredibly classy but with a twinge of Texas country which really shines through in this highlight film.  Last June, they were married in the Houston Museum District at La Colombe D’or, a boutique hotel with a ballroom that dates back to the 17th century.  The ballroom was actually constructed in France 300 years ago and then, many years later, transported in sections to the location that it is in today.  Like I said, classy.

One of the most charming things I found out about Stacey and Patrick was their last names, Greene and Beene.  Unfortunately, Stacey’s was Beene and Patrick’s is Greene so she will end up being Stacey Beene Greene.  So close to humor but not quite there!

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