My Gear

Here you will find the various pieces of gear that I either shoot with currently or have experience using. Everything will be divided up into categories such as Audio Gear, Cameras, Lenses, etc.  

You can expect this to be updated relatively often as video technology has continued to change and as I grow my equipment list.

I will be updating my list of gear via the amazing website, Kit. There, you can see my thoughts on various pieces of video equipment, as well as purchase them via Amazon and B&H.

Today, I am starting with my Audio Gear. Last updated 1/9/2017



This is all the audio gear that I bring along with me to film a wedding. Everything fits easily into a Pelican 1510 case with plenty of room to spare for other gear. If you are wanting to film weddings well (or anything else for that matter), audio is one of the most important factors  that goes into creating a successful film. DO NOT skip out on investing in good audio equipment such as what I have listed below.


I will be adding more here in the future. Please let me know if there is any specific category of equipment that you would like me to cover.