ESPN GameDay At Texas A&M // Promo Video

If you follow anything about Texas A&M, the biggest news to hit the school this century is the conference change to the SEC.  Every Aggie is excited about the chance for our athletic teams to compete in the best games against challenging opponents with real television air-time and exposure.  This desire to make an impact led to students rallying together to win the prize of having ESPN College GameDay come to Texas A&M.  With thousands of votes, A&M beat out many other schools around the country to be the University chosen to host College GameDay on Saturday, September 8, 2012.  Along with the chance to host GameDay, A&M also won a television commercial that aired on ESPN in the weeks leading up to the GameDay.

Several days before GameDay, I was asked to help film the show and events of the day for Texas A&M.  Highlights of the day would be edited together quickly into one video to be uploaded to YouTube before kickoff.  It was much like a wedding same-day-edit but with only a reception of 90,000 people to film.

Filming the day would first involve waking up extremely early and filming rowdy A&M fans as they waited for the show to start.  Did I mention early?  I arrived at 6:30am and there was already a crowd of 200+ people gathered and waiting for the show to begin.  Everyone was pumped up with little to no sleep and showed their creativity through custom made signs, body paint, and yells.  After filming scenes at GameDay, I visited the Texas A&M Joint Tailgate, where I had the opportunity to meet and film Texas A&M President Loftin, Mike Slive of the SEC, and University of Florida’s President Machen.  They were all excited about the day, and President Machen remarked to me how friendly Texas A&M’s students and alumni had been to him.  Thanks for keeping it classy Aggies.

The day of filming was wrapped up with the shooting of the Parson’s Mounted Cavalry Cannon.  In the video you can actually hear me at 1:54 after the cannon fires.  It was extremely loud and definitely surprising even though I knew it was coming.  Overall, it was a great day to be an Aggie and awesome to see this entire video come together in a very short period of time.

I would also like to give a big shoutout to my new intern Walter who really helped me today with equipment and shot ideas.

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