FilmStrong Productions

I would like to be the first to invite you to visit the website for my new production company, Film Strong Productions.  Updating has taken backseat to my creation of this website and one other (but more on that in the future).  I will be providing more regular updates and have a few in the queue that I believe you will enjoy.  But for now, let me share with you my excitement about Film Strong.

Film Strong Productions was born out of the need to separate my personal and professional content that I create.  Midway through last year, I realized that directing potential clients to Who is Matt offered a broad look at my talents, too broad in fact.  Having spent many hours forging this new website, I now stand with the capability of maintaining an uncluttered professional front, and still being able to have fun here.  I hope you check out Film Strong, and if you have any questions or notice any oddities, I’m only an email or tweet away.