Ready For Anything // Candace and Tyler’s Wedding Film From The Heights Villa in Houston, Texas

LaughI love hearing how people find my site and watch my videos.  They often say they were searching for a wedding videographer on Google, or they saw a friend’s wedding film I made and are getting married soon themselves so they looked me up.  Regardless of how they find me, I’ve heard many of them tell me they started watching a random couple’s wedding film and then start to tear up, laugh, and experience the emotion of the day with the couple in the video.  Then someone they know comes into the room and asks why they are having an emotional outburst over a couple they’ve never met.

Candace and Tyler were getting married at the Heights Villa last year, and after searching for wedding films they saw Melissa and Mason’s wedding film I shot there in 2011.  They completely fell in love with the film, and wanted something just like it.  I was happy to oblige, and I made them a film that I think has the same feel as Melissa and Mason’s, but incorporates all the improvements I’ve made as a filmmaker in the past two and a half years.

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