Call Me

That’s my phone number.  Call me.  Right now.  I realize that not many people online must ask you to call them.  If that seems vaguely crazy to you, feel free to text me instead.

You may be wondering why my phone number is on the internet for everyone to see.  The truth is, that I am living in Dallas with my Nana for the summer and my closest friends are a 45 minute drive away.  As such, I have devised this means as a good way to meet new people.   Call it a social experiment if you’d like.  How many people will call my phone number?  Let’s find out.

This isn’t a joke.  It’s my real phone number.  The only reason I won’t answer is if I am asleep or at work.  And I will always reply to texts.

You should:

– Call Me. (International calls won’t work, but feel free to leave me a voicemail.)

– Text me. (International texts won’t work either.)

You shouldn’t:

– Creep on me unnecessarily.

Please Note:

I reserve the right to publish any and all text messages and voicemails that you leave me.  And oh boy have I received some good ones so far.


  1. Ha. This is hilarious 😀

    If I was to randomly call some dude who I didn't know, it would be you… haha. But I try not to call strangers =P

    Oh, yea, and GIG EM AGS!

  2. 830-743-9543 is a landline… how can we text you?


    Successful Match! Phone Number Results for (830) 743-9543

    Location: New Braunfels, TX

    Service Type: Land Line

    Name: Available with Premium Account

    Carrier: Available with Premium Account

    Time Zone: CST

    County: Comal, TX

    Latitude: 29.70

    Longitude: -98.12

  3. You crazy mannnn!!!! we left you a message, we are calling from Buenos Aires. We really like your project.

    Say hello to Nana and her cookies.

  4. Is 9 ok? I texted ya! Hope you find some more friends! You are hilarouis! And Crazy! Say hi to nana and take a big bite of her cookie for me! I live in NJ! You remind me of a dork from the , Fred. In a good way though…Hope you text me back! You probuly wont cause when I saw this, it was 2010… So, yah!

    Later crazy man!

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