Bryn and Jason :: Engagement Film :: Kessler Community Church, Dallas Texas

Please contact me if you would like to watch Bryn and Jason’s Engagement Film.

Having known Jason for many years, it came as no surprise when he informed me of his desire to propose to Bryn.  He spent months planning the engagement.  After organizing the proposal with her family, investing in rose petals, photographs, and approximately 150 candles, he was ready.   The day of the proposal, Jason would drive with Bryn to Dallas to see her family and go with her on a “date”.  Little did Bryn know I would be traveling up as well, camera at the ready to film the proposal.  My good friend Ashley Stineman offered to help with filming and is responsible for some of the greatest shots in the film.  It all happened at the Kessler Community Church in Dallas, Texas

Bryn had no idea up until he got down on one knee.  She claimed the dancing to their favorite song, candles, and rose petals were clues, but she didn’t know for sure until then.  As you can see from the film, she said yes.

If you enjoyed watching this, you will also enjoy watching Raegan and Clayton’s proposal that I had the chance to film.

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