Beach Reach 2010

It took me nearly a year to make this video.  I had all the footage, I had the idea and knew where I wanted to run with it; I was only lacking the motivation.  Two weeks ago, Lucas Parry, Australian musician extraordinaire asked me to put together a cut for him to use for promotional purposes on his website.

What followed was the most epic three hours of editing of my life.  I never work that fast or as well at that time of night (11pm-2am), but thanks to Godly inspiration, I ended up with a pretty good-looking representation of what Beach Reach represents.  Christians serving a beautiful God by serving others in Panama City Beach, Florida.  If you’re interested in Beach Reach, check out Threads Media or watch my Beach Reach 2009 video!

Download the Beach Reach 2010 Promo Video

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:: Technical Details ::

Filmed By

  • Matt Johnson
  • Matt Underwood
  • Justin Wylie




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