A Brief Message, From Matt Johnson

I’ve recently realized my need to include more updates to my YouTube channel as well as implement a consistent upload schedule for videos.  Now, every Friday you will be able to watch a video blog created by yours truly on YouTube.  No longer will you have to wait for only one or two videos per month; you will get more videos more often.

This does not mean that I will cease to create artistic videos that are more than just me speaking to the camera, those will also be uploaded as well.  These video blogs are here to keep you updated about my current projects, keep me motivated about making videos, and keep us both entertained because you love watching my videos and I love creating them.  Think of them as a supplement to my usual video creations.

In this video, I discuss an exciting project that I am working on involving timelapses.  You can expect a tutorial video in the future documenting how to create this effect.

I hope you enjoy this video blog, there are more to come in the future!


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