Run & Gun filming with the Sony A7Sii Part 2: Mode Dial Setup

Today I am bringing you part two, of my four part series all about “Run and Gun” filming with the Sony A7Sii. People have been asking me about the different features and settings I use with the camera for quite a while, so I am glad to cover everything in this series. My first video was all about the menu system of the Sony A7Sii, and in 38 minutes I covered every setting that I use when filming weddings, corporate promos, and any other Run and Gun filming scenario.

With this second video, we are getting out of the minutiae of the Sony menus, and instead focusing on the A7Sii Mode Dial. At this point, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Really Matt? The mode dial? On Canon I would set mine to manual and leave it. How important could the mode dial on these Sony cameras be?” Well dear reader, in this video I will explain about how the mode dial is actually one of the MOST AWESOME FEATURES of this camera, and how you can use it to switch frame rates, resolution, and other settings nearly instantaneously.

Watch on for more, and as always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave one below, or get in touch.

Part three of this series is going to be all about my custom buttons setup on the A7Sii, and you can expect to see it here soon.

Filmed with:
Sony A7Sii
Sigma ART 24mm 1.4
Sony 16-35mm F4


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