7,000 Miles Per Hour

Imagine for a second that you possessed a car that could travel at 7,000 miles per hour.  At that rate, you could travel across the entire United States in about half an hour.  Unfortunately, no one possesses a car that can travel at that speed, but fortunately, a car with a camera mounted to it is capable of simulating what that speed might look like.

Several weeks ago, armed with my 7D and my brother, I drove from College Station, Texas to Dallas, Texas – a distance of approximately 185 miles.  The trip took around three hours.  When the photos were all taken, after combining them all (and flipping the picture vertically and horizontally so it was right side up – I filmed with the camera mounted upside down), and editing the time-lapse of the trip came out to approximately One Minute and Thirty Eight Seconds (1:38).  Now, to travel from College Station, Texas to Dallas, Texas that fast would mean that you are capable of traveling at 6,700 miles per hour, or with rounding, 7,000 miles per hour.

It was a fun trip, and the camera didn’t fall off the windshield so it was definitely a success.  All time-lapse filming was accomplished on the Canon 7D with a 8mm fish-eye lens. If you like the music in this video, check out The Phoenix Odyssey!

Check out the behind the scenes video below!

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