2007 Keynote Speeches

In early 2007, two revolutionary products were unleashed on the world.  Steve Jobs showcased the cellular phone changing iPhone at Macworld 2007, while Bill Gates showed off the flashy new Windows Vista. (Okay, so some people say it wasn’t so revolutionary, and I tend to agree.)

I took the time to upload Steve Jobs’ and Bill Gates’ full keynotes to Youtube for consumer enjoyment.  Steve Jobs’ keynote speech is above and Bill Gates’ keynote is available here:

Full Keynote Speech Download:

[download id=”7″]

[download id=”8″]

Please feel free to leave me a comment letting me know that you downloaded the keynotes and what you thought of them!  Thanks!

  1. Outstanding presentation. One of the best presenters in the world in action.

    Thanks very much for providing this!

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